Azad Jammu and Kashmir Power Development Organization

The Government of AJ&K established Power Development Organization ( previously Hydro Electric Board) in 1989, to plan & to undertake development of identified hydro potential. It has so far completed 15 Projects having total installed capacity of 57 MW. These Stations are collectively generating 220.00 Gwh of energy annually with annual revenue of Rs. 575.547 Million @ 2.59 KW/H.

The State of Azad Jammu & Kashmir due to its topography and abundance of water resources offers attractive prospects for development of hydro power projects. The hydro power potential of the state was assessed by Hydro Electric Planning Organization (HEPO) of WAPDA in collaboration with different International Agencies in the three major catchments of river Neelum, Jhelum & Poonch.

A no of projects have been identified with a total capacity of more than 8000 MW in Jehlum, Neelum and Poonch river catchments. If these hydro power projects are develop. They can contribute significantly towards the social-economic development of the state besides being source of cheap and reliable energy for the future need of Pakistan. To administer the development of indigenous resources the Government of AJK is keenly supporting efforts to identify, conduct site investigations, plan and develop hydro power projects in the State. Development of the schemes shall provide following additional advantages:

  • Eradicate the menace of deforestation by providing electricity as an alternative to the energy needs of the local communities, who, hitherto, are entirely dependent on forest wood.
  • Create economic opportunities for socioeconomic uplift of the people of the area in particular and of AJK in general.
  • Reduce dependence on imported fuel oil.

Major advantages in exploiting hydropower potential of AJ&K are

  • Convenience of interconnection with major high voltage grid network of WAPDA.
  • Low cost of transmission / dispatch.
  • Low construction cost of power stations.
  • Availability of reliable and credible data on Topography, Hydrology, Geology, Seismology and Power systems.
  • Availability of construction material and skilled/ unskilled labor.
  • Risk free environment, Peaceful, law abiding populace with no ethnic or law/order problems.