Functions of AJK Power Development Organization (AJK PDO)

  • Identifying and ranking of Potential hydropower sites in AJK.
  • Preparation of Feasibility Study Reports and implementation plans for project sites approved
  • The development and use of water resources to generate and transmit power.
  • The construction, maintenance and operations of power houses, grids, micro-grids and transmission lines connected with the power houses.
  • Assistance and facilitation to the Government and IPPs on all matters regarding joint ventures in the private sector.

Functions of AJK Private Power Cell (AJK PPC)

  • Provide one-window facility for implementation of power projects Upto 50 MW capacity in Private Sector.
  • Evaluation /Prequalification of bids of sponsors.
  • Issuance of Letters of Intent (LOIs) and Letters of Support (LOSs).
  • Coordination and Monitoring of feasibility studies.
  • Coordination and execution of Implementation Agreement (IA), Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), Water Use Agreement (WUA), Land Lease Agreements & Direct Agreements of IA&WUA.
  • For projects above 50 MW in AJK, PPC is the main driver and catalyst for marketing and coordinating with Private Power and Infrastructure Board (PPIB), GoP Islamabad and negotiating/signing Security Documents with the IPPs.