Message of Chairman

I have a word to say to national & international entrepreneurs & investors interested in making fresh investment or sponsoring projects especially in hydropower generation in Azad Kashmir.

Electricity being the backbone of any industry has unbounded potential for its massive generation in AJK. The German experts have assessed that Azad Kashmir, being water resources rich region, has presently a power generation potential of over 5000 MW capacity. It can exceed further. To induce the private power producers, power generation projects upto 50 MW capacity can easily be initiated. Previous lengthy procedures to install machinery have been cut short. Now, not months but in days, projects feasibilities are cleared. The government gives the sale guarantee of the produced power for projects beyond 50 MW capacity which will also be entertained by AJK government & arrangements for sale with the WAPDA will be ensured.

I need not repeat here again the general information that the natural fossil reserves are dwindling all over the world. The only alternate source of industrial & domestic electricity production left in this region of ours is hydel in which Azad Kashmir is the richest zone. The abundance of water in our State is itself an open invitation to national & International investment institutions, groups & individuals. The maximum one makes the use of water resources, the greater will be his/her cash earnings. The investment motto of my government is, safe investment, safer returns.

Honourable Prime Minister


Raja Farooq Haider Khan, 

Azad Govt. of the State of Jammu & Kashmir